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Polish Kiełbasa

Discover the amazing flavours of Polish Kiełbasa!

The word Kiełbasa means sausage in Polish and the variety on sale in the country is immense!

From raw to hot-smoked, made of pork meat or with animal’s entrails, Poland is the top destination to savour this delicacy.

polish kielbasa

Did you know that the famous American hot-dogs were originally made with Kiełbasa?

Today, Polish sausages are considered a delicacy outside of the country and fetch rather high prices on the shelves.

On the other hand, Kiełbasa is often overlooked and it is not so easy to eat a good one at the restaurant.

Tourists have an invaluable chance to taste and buy Kiełbasa while in Poland and many of them become so crazy about it…that they decide to bring some home with them in the suitcase!

Check our latest guide Eat Well…Kraków! to find detailed info on all the varieties of Polish Kiełbasa in the country, with lots of colourful pictures to help you recognise them, a list of the best gourmet shops in the city where to find even the rarest kinds and useful tips on how to prepare them at home:

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Polish Kiełbasa
Discover the flavours of Polish Kiełbasa! The word Kiełbasa means sausage and the variety on sale in Poland is immense. Find out more about Polish Kiełbasa on our latest guide Eat Well...Kraków!©

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