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Traditional Polish Cuisine – Bigos

Traditional Polish Cuisine is an absolute heaven for gourmets and food lovers!

Many local dishes are seldom found anywhere else outside of Poland and their flavours are truly unique.

traditional polish cuisine

The ingredients used for their preparations are as simple and inexpensive as they are delicious.

Potatoes, cabbage and beetroots are present in many recipes and Polish cuisine can be very earthy and is considered, at times, rather heavy by some palates.

Don’t get discouraged!

Some of the most defined and peculiar flavours can only be found in the traditional dishes of this fascinating country.

Try the national plate called Bigos, shown as featured picture of this article.

It is a scrumptious stew prepared with Kapusta Kiszona (sauerkraut), sausages, several kinds of meat and an explosive mixture of spices and condiments.

Bigos has always been a highly regarded dish in Polish cuisine, especially during the cold months.

The most respected families in the country traditionally kept a pot of it inside the hot oven, to serve it as a welcome treat to their guests!

Nowadays, Bigos is cooked for very special occasions, since it takes at least two days to prepare.

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Traditional Polish Cuisine - Bigos
Discover Traditional Polish cuisine! In Poland you'll taste authentic dishes like the amazing Bigos. Find our more on Traditional Polish Cuisine on our latest book Eat Well...Kraków©!

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