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Polish Soups – Zupy

Have you ever tried a Polish Soup?

Polish soups can be mind-blowing!

Zupy (soups) are a fundamental part of a traditional Polish meal.

Every gourmet tourist should not miss the chance to savour as many Polish soups as possible, while in the country.

Their ingredients are so simple and yet the flavours on the plate can be incredibly complex.

Zupy are served inside a loaf of bread, like the Sour Rye Soup called Żurek that is shown as featured picture of this article.

If you love Polish cuisine and would like to prepare Żurek at home, find its authentic recipe here.

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Polish Soups - Zupy
Discover the taste of traditional Polish Soups! Zupy are a fundamental part of Traditional Polish Cuisine. Find out more about Polish Soups on our latest guide Eat Well...Kraków!©

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