polish cucumbers

Polish Cucumbers – Ogórki

Enjoy the taste of Polish Cucumbers!

They are called Ogórki (cucumbers) and can be found fresh or preserved in an interesting variety of ways.

Polish Pickles

Look for the Ogórki Kiszone, certainly the most famous among the pickled Polish cucumbers.

They are naturally rich in probiotics and Vitamin C and taste very differently from the usual gherkins or pickles found anywhere else in Europe.

Once tried, the flavours of Polish Cucumbers are impossible to forget…and you will probably decide to bring one or two jars of them back home with you!

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Polish Cucumbers - Ogórki
Discover the aromas of Polish cucumbers or Ogórki. Polish cucumbers can be prepared in many ways. Find out where to find the pickled Ogórki Kiszone on our latest guide Eat Well...Kraków!©

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