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Polish Delicacies – Chrzan

Polish delicacies are little known to most tourists and that’s a pity!

There is a lot to taste in the country and going for the local delicacies is the only way to connect with the rich, but largely undiscovered, culinary heritage of Poland.

Polish Delicacies

One of the rarest Polish delicacies is undoubtedly Chrzan, a spicy paste made from grated horseradish.

The featured picture of this article shows a homemade jar of this superlative condiment.

Poles are so crazy about Chrzan that generously add it as a complement to the most refined meals.

Many Polish delicacies go incredibly well with this paste but use it with moderation: Chrzan can become very addictive!

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Polish Delicacies - Chrzan
Discover the best Polish Delicacies! Poland has incredible gourmet products and one of them is Chrzan. Find out where to buy Polish Delicacies on our latest guide Eat Well...Kraków!©

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