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Polish Beer – Piwo

Piwo is the name for Polish beer and Poland counts many breweries that produce it.

There is really a lot of Polish beer on sale, from the industrial and widely available kinds to the rarest niche products from unknown breweries.

The offer is overwhelming, even to those that are already acquainted with this challenging world.

You can order just about anything on the counter but chances are you will either get a superb Piwo or an unremarkable one.

Having a glass of an artisanal Jasne Pełne, the Polish equivalent to Pils, can turn into a tantalising experience for your tastebuds!

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Polish Beer - Piwo
Discover the taste of Polish Beer! The name is Piwo and Poland counts some of the best breweries in Europe. Find out where to drink Polish Beer on our latest guide Eat Well...Kraków!©

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