Pierogi Polish Dumplings

Pierogi – Polish Dumplings

Pierogi is the name the famous Polish dumplings.

Considered a staple food in Poland, Pierogi can be either sublimely tasty or impossible to swallow.

Their secret lays in the dough…but the quality of the filling, that can be either sweet or salty, plays a very important role as well.

Pierogi Polish Dumplings Baked

Truth to be said, Poland is home to both the most delectable and the most unpalatable versions of Pierogi!

Did you know that the first dumplings were introduced in the country to feed the starving Polish population by a holy figure?

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Pierogi - Polish Dumplings
Discover the famous Pierogi! This is how these scrumptious dumplings are called in Poland. Find out more about Pierogi on our latest guide Eat Well...Kraków!©

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