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Polish Potatoes – Ziemniaki

The name is Ziemniaki and the taste is unmistakable…we are talking about Polish Potatoes!

Their aromas has no equal in the whole world and every tourist in Poland will easily confirm this veritable statement.

Did you know that the diffusion of Ziemniaki in the country is curiously linked to a King and his gardener?

Polish Potatoes Ziemniaki

King Jan III Sobieski tried potatoes for the first time in Vienna, around the year 1683.

Sobieski liked the taste so much that he immediately ordered his gardener to plant them in the palace, so that he could offer them as exclusive delicacy during his sumptuous dinners.

Not many liked the taste of Polish potatoes at first, probably because they were unsalted and cooked under the ashes of the fireplace.

Nevertheless, Ziemniaki grew well in the Polish soil, the crops were very abundant and their consumption soon spread all over the country.

Today no traditional meal in Poland can exist without at least a serving of potatoes.

Even a famous national spirit is produced with Ziemniaki: do you know its name?

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Polish Potatoes - Ziemniaki
Discover the amazing flavour of Polish Potatoes! Ziemniaki means potatoes and every tourist in Kraków should taste as many as possible! Find out more on our latest guide Eat Well...Kraków!©

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