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Polish Vodka – Wódka

Polish Vodka, or Wódka, is probably the best in the world but still too few know about its exceptional quality.

Rye, wheat or potatoes are the only ingredients necessary to make it but the flavours can vary substantially, according to the type and the variety of your chosen Wódka.

Did you know that Polish Vodka was considered a miraculous beverage until the last Century?

You cannot leave Poland without having tried a glass of the national spirit. Some tourists like Wódka so much they end up packing as many bottles as possible in their suitcase!

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Polish Vodka - Wódka
Discover the superlative Polish Vodka! The name is Wódka and the Poland produces the best ones in the world. Find out more about Polish Vodka on our latest guide Eat Well...Kraków!©

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